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I'll guide you step by step as we jump into a live Harlem home-brewing session, where you'll help create an original small-batch beer recipe. Be the "Master of the Brewniverse" for an afternoon while you learn how to cook up grains, mix ingredients, and prepare different styles. At the end, we'll enjoy a Harlem Brew beer flight. Get ready to swing the brews, as you take time to smell the hops!

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Harlem Brewing to Release cans this summer
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President (and Brewer) Obama is the first president to brew at the White House. He also grows hops too! A few years ago he released his flagship White House Honey Ale recipe and we had a chance to brew it-we think he missed his calling. We've already invited him to come to the Harlem Brew House when he leaves the White House.
Governor and Brewer John Hickenlooper (pictured) visited Harlem in 1995.

We Celebrate this historic brewstory!



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