Our love of community and craft has always been a main source of inspiration throughout this Journey. The rich traditions of world class brew masters from Africa to America  the unsung innovators of history and culture that started a renaissance that was heard around the globe flows deep iwithin our DNA and our beers. It is what drives our passion to brew, honor, and celebrate these legacies in our neighborhoods and in our world.

Harlem State of Mind!

What's Hopping

We are very passionate about our hops and enjoy growing different varieties in local gardens in Harlem, Jamaica (Queens) and Upstate NY. Hops add aroma, bitterness and flavor to our brews. Also makes a wonderful soothing, healing tea. If you catch us early in March, we'd be happy to share a few hop rhizomes for your home or community garden. Once your hops are ready for harvest we'll help gather them for a communibrew!


Celeste founded Harlem Brewing in the year 2000 after first trying to build a brewery in Harlem during the 90s. After honing her brewing skills, she took a detour to launch Mojo Highway Brewing Company in 1998. Prior to that, she worked with a local Ben & Jerry's Partnershop which helped deepen her interest in social venture. Along the winding roads, she fell completely head over hops in love with making small batch home brews (which reminded her of Mom's amazing homemade soups, sort of).