Harlem Sangria

Harlem Punch

Bull Hill


2 oz of fresh orange juice

1 oz of gin

6 oz of Harlem Wit*

Lime and orange twist for garnish

Fill shaker with ice cubes (half), add all ingredients, 

swing and strain into glass.*Top off with wit Garnish


36 oz of Harlem ale*

6 oz of fresh orange

6 oz vodka*

6 oz sherry

6 oz simple

Mixed fruit slices optional

Mix all ingredients in a Punch bowl.

Serve in glasses*

use wit or golden ale*

Ciroc or other favorite

Featured Recipe


A Cocktail Experience with Michael Holiday and Celeste Beatty

  • .25 oz of fresh lemon juice

  • 1 bar spoon of honey

  • 1.5 oz grapefruit juice

  • 3 dashes of Hella cocktail bitters

  • .5 oz of Uncle Nearest 1856

  • 8 oz of Harlem Brew Renaissance wit


1. Mix and stir it up!

Add lemon juice, honey, grapefruit juice, bitters and whiskey to glass.

2. Pour it on!

Top it off with cold beer.

Give it a stir and enjoy-Access Granted.


You can substitute ingredients in the recipe if it isn't available or add your own twist!

Cocktail Notes: The Access Granted Cocktail celebrates the Black Theatre Network's 2021 conference! Michael is cofounder of Chocolate City's Best Nonprofit Organization. Partner at 600T Cocktail Bar in Washington, DC, and recent winner of Hennessy My Way USA Cocktail Competition. Celeste is the Brewer and Brewer and Founder of Harlem Brewing and Harlem Brew South Check out: and

Brews & Views

National Museum of Women in the Arts

A monthly conversation and cocktail hour exploring art, beer, life with a live cocktail experience. Join Celeste and co-host Melani Douglass as they hop it up to discuss issues on diversity, equity and inclusion. Life is brewing!