Harlem Brew AirBnBeer Experience Coming to a Kettle Near You Soon! 


                HARLEM BREWDIO, 453 W. 141st street

We hosted our first AirBnB Experience at our Harlem Brewdio located at 453 W. 141st Street in 2017. It was one of the first experiences launched by Brian Chesky and AirBnB in NYC: The Brew Craft Beer in Harlem Experience was 2-3 hours, brewing small batches (1-3 gallons). It brought beer curious and beer lovers around the block and the world together to share beers, cheers and ideas. Aside from brewing, we discussed current events, our passions, as we stirred and sipped the time away, sometimes sharing dinner or drinks at a nearby neighborhood bar afterwards. Locals that lived in NYC would return to pick up their bottled beers after fermentation and others just came for the communal experience of brewing and meeting new people. We hosted aspiring brewers, fathers and sons, bride and groom, bffs, office teams, date nights, marriage proposal, class reunions, one engagement proposal, valentine's, connecting several continents and cities across the USA. Unfortunately, the experience came to an end during the pandemic as a result of a dispute over property ownership and the building eventually sold. We packed up and brewed on! We thank Dr. Valerie Daly and her visionary team at the St. Martin's Church Vestry for the hopportunity and for nurturing local entrepreneurs.  We've since taken our brewing experience on the road and look forward to sharing a brew in a neighborhood near you.

Stay tuned on our next stop on AirBnB.